Snow & Leisure Developments BV has an unique experience in realizing indoor ski centers and in designing real indoor winter worlds. Besides the winter experience we also design other leisure projects. The use and results of the first indoor ski slopes proofed a lack of all kinds of added snow- and ice leisure. We introduced the total winter world including all special aspects of this phenomena linked to snow and ice.

It appeared that specially in countries where this cold and white world is less common, this unique possibility of having fun in a white colored nature could present a grateful accommodation in the centre of big shopping malls and further everywhere where is insufficient leisure. You can join al kind of events in the climate of snow and ice and we will help you to realize this very attractive and special world. To realize such halls of fun, you need a lot of knowledge and experience because it needs specialized technical support.

When snow is not real snow, the accommodation is rapidly a lost place and also when your design has not the right architecture, your technical concept is not sustainable and ecological designed your investment will not be as successful as it can be. So you really need the experienced specialists.

Henri Leloup, Jan Klerk