Total concept indoor winterworld

Our companies created a total concept for realising indoor ski slopes with real snow for skiing purpose and for children to play in. In all aspects a real indoor winterworld….

Experience & knowledge

From 1995 we got a lot of experience in the making of snow and keep it fresh, but also in the exploitation and electric power consumption. How to handle it and what are the labour problems and costs and what to do with the maintenance. Also the knowledge and delivering of ski lifts, moving belts, Pisten Bullies or grooming machines, all these aspects belong our total concept.

Our company has al lot of experience and contacts with specialists on details into the total concept and can act as partners or advisers in the projects.

Snow production systems

We have the knowledge of two different snow production systems:

Cold snow > Minus 0 gr. Celsius, based on a cold-freezing system with temperature below 0 gr. Celsius (-5/-8 C) ….

Plus snow > Plus 0 gr. Celsius, based on big production of snow and to use at an indoor ski slope without active cooling ….

In total approximately 40% less electricity use, in opposite of the traditional snow production and cooling of Cold Snow, may be possible.